The architectural committee reviews and approves any construction plans in the neighborhood. See the guidelines in the covenants and talk to our architectural committee to submit  plans or discuss architectural concerns.

Architectural Update by Robbie Robinson
from December 2006 Newsletter:

Sometimes we are in such a hurry to “fix up” the place or to
“get the thing built” we forget that approvals are needed for
some of these projects as specified in the covenants for your
block by the EFPOA’s Architectural Committee.
Building plans, building permits and Park or Jefferson
County approvals (in writing) must be submitted to
Architectural Committee for review. You must receive the
Committee’s written approval and pay any deposit required
prior to starting projects including:
• Construction of new building
• Addition to a current structure
• Erection of a fence
• Clearing a site
• Building or enlarging a deck
• Construction of a garage
In the case of a new home, a $400 deposit is required. T h e
deposit will be returned after the house is complete and the
lot is cleaned and inspected