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An annual general meeting is held each May. Elected volunteer Board members hold meetings open to all members. Minutes of the Board meetings are posted on the bulletin board at the east gate and here, on this Web site.

Many of our members travel in their jobs and have various other obligations. Generally speaking, meetings will be bimonthly, however dates will not be on the same day and week of each month.


Board Contacts



Elk Falls Property Owners' Association Exists:

Elk Falls Property Owners Association is a corporation in good standing since 1965. The intent of the corporation is to preserve the integrity of the area and lifestyle.

The corporation was formed and incorporated for:

a)      the promotion, improvement and protection of property values in the area represented by the Association by maintaining the area as a highly desirable single dwelling residential neighbourhood possessing features of extraordinary value and improvement, maintenance and

b)      the repair of all roads and all ongoing maintenance within the area represented by the Elk Falls Property Owners' Association.

Annual Meeting

Sunday, May 19th

2:00 p.m.
Elk Creek Fire Station
Top of Richmond Hill
Please Park in Designated Parking Only  

Board Meeting

Next Meeting:
Monday, August 27th
David DiMeo's  Home

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